Condy Park Kindergarten

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Enrolment Information.

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Apologies our waiting list link is broken and is in the process of getting fixed.
Please send your details by email or call Kindy.

Click link below for statement of fees for Kindergarten aged children.

                                                     2018 Fees
                                                Starfish - 3 year old
                                  Mon/Tue/Wed (7.30am - 5.30pm) $82 a day                                                                         Thur/Fri (7.30am - 5.30pm) $82 a day
                                  Mon/Tues/Wed (9am - 2.30pm) $47 a day
                                         Thur/Fri (8am - 3.30pm) $60 a day
                                  Mon/Wed/Fri (8.45am - 2.15pm) $47 a day
                                         Tue/Thur (8am - 3.30pm) $60 a day


CCB and CCR are available for all eligible families.

Fees statements are printed fortnightly and fees are to be paid 2 weeks in advance. If you do not remain 2 weeks in advance, reminders and then formal reminders will be issued.  You are legally responsible for your child’s fees as agreed when you signed the Enrolment Agreement. If your fees are not paid your child’s enrolment may be terminated. 


Eftpos facility and internet banking are available; Cheque and cash payments are also welcome.  These are to be paid to the Administration Assistant in Office 1, who is available each morning between 8.00am – 3.00pm. (or at a time to be arranged). Receipts will be issued or placed in your child’s communication pocket.


Non-payment of Fees Policy:


If no payment of fees has been received or organised by the end of the fourth week you will be issued a letter advising that your child’s enrolment has been terminated.


If there are any outstanding fees owed, details will be sent on to a debt collector of the committee choice.

Child Care Benefits

Condy Park is an Approved Care Provider with the Family Assistance Office.


The federally funded Child Care Benefit Scheme is designed to ensure all families can afford quality care.


Most families (except non-residents) are eligible for at least the minimum Child Care Benefit.  Families must provide the Office with both their family and child’s CRN, along with birth dates.  This information allows Condy Park’s computers to link up with DEEWR and Centrelink, thus allowing us to calculate your fees.  Full fees will apply until Condy Park receives this information.


Parents are required to inform the FAO of any changes that may affect their assessment.  Please advise the Office if siblings are attending this or another approved service.

Kindy Plus

If you have a health care card or you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent you will also be illegible for additional funding.

THE NEW CHILD CARE PACKAGE  will be rolled out in July 2018 we encourage families to visit the website below for more details;

Allowable Absences


Each family is entitled to 42 days of absence per financial year while claiming Child Care Benefit. Once the 42 absences have been taken, subsequent absences will require certain paperwork (eg. medical certificate, work roster etc.) to continue to receive Child Care Benefit for these additional days.


Sick days – Please notify the centre if your child is sick or unable to attend.  If your child has been absent for more than two weeks without notification, we are unable to hold the position.


Public holidays – As with most childcare centres and Kindergartens, Public Holidays and absences must be paid for and there are no make-up days.  Please ensure you sign for these absences to remain eligible for Child Care Benefit.


Attendance Records – You are required to sign your child in and out each time they attend the centre.  This is a legal requirement.  Sign in sheets must also be signed for any absenteeism.


Full fees will be charged for any unsigned attendance or absence, as Child Care Benefit cannot be applied for these days.