Condy Park Kindergarten

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The educational facility you have chosen for your child can only offer the well-equipped and stimulating environment it does, due to the HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT OF PAST PARENT BODIES who raised funds which contributed towards the growing reputation of this Centre.


The Management Committee, elected by parents currently attending the Centre, decides whether and what fundraising ventures will be undertaken that year.  The gap between government subsidies and our needs is growing wider, so our need to raise funds is also expanding.


Fundraising has a two-pronged effect.  On the one hand, it raises money to allow the Centre to operate, and to provide the environment it does.  On the other hand, it tends to foster a community spirit, and for those parents who contribute, the result is that they and their children develop a warm and long lasting bond between themselves and with the Centre, which cannot be measured in financial terms.


Whilst we are very aware of the constraints on all families in the current economic climate, combined with commitments to other organisations, IT IS IMPERATIVE that family commitments to the Kindergarten/PrePrep education of their children be strong.  Your efforts and those of your family and friends are greatly appreciated, as we cannot function without the support of every family.

The annual Teddy Bears Picnic is our largest fundraising event.