Condy Park Kindergarten

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Our Philosophy to Early Childhood Education

Learning is a lifelong process. Play is valuable for children’s learning as they take ownership of and interest in their learning experiences, while fostering constructive dispositions for learning through engagement, negotiation, and perseverance.

Our Philosophy is a way of 'being' with children, families, the community and our profession. Recognizing and building on all the relationships and learning that takes place daily allow as a team to be responsive to individual needs. Utilizing our strong knowledge base and to make connections supporting each child's learning in a holistic way.

We view children through a competent lens, discussing progressing as emerging, exploring and extending in line with Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

Our practices are embedded in the natural environments that surround us, connecting to and  taking the time to appreciate the beauty that nature provides. We recognized and pay respect to the Butchulla Tribe, the traditional owners of our land. As a service we work closely with our indigenous peoples and ensure that our practices are inclusive and supportive. We welcome all people ensuring that our teaching supportive of developing global citizenship with our children. We provide and environment of learning where differences can be shared and discussed and where each child is valued for their uniqueness and knowledge's that they bring to Kindy.

We believe that a children learn through doing, that children need to be given the time, the environment and the resources to explore, to rest, to hypothesize and to create. Each child takes their own journey; a Teachers role is to support inquiry through a wide range of resources, conversations and collaboration.

Giving children to the opportunity to test their boundaries, to develop and understanding of their own capabilities and then to extend these capabilities  develops trust, respect and belief in themselves. Each child needs to feel capable and confident. Giving children the opportunity to take measured risks, to explore their environments and to take chances builds on their capacity to see themselves as a successful learners in all settings.