Condy Park Kindergarten

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Library Visits

We go to the Library once a month on a Wednesday and a Thursday :)

Wednesday Group                                                                        

Date:    Wed. 21st March            Wed. 15th Aug               

            Wed. 18th April              Wed. 12th Sept

            Wed. 16th May               Wed. 10th Oct

            Wed. 13th June              Wed. 7th Nov

            Wed. 18th July              

  Thursday Group

Date:       Thurs. 22nd March              Thurs. 16th Aug                  

               Thurs. 19th April                  Thurs. 13th Sept

               Thurs. 17th May                   Thurs. 11th Oct

               Thurs. 14th June                  Thurs. 8th Nov

               Thurs. 19th July